Security Fit for Home Owner’s Associations

When it comes to the security of your neighborhood, especially when you live in an upper-class residential area, there can never be too much. With security services from United Private Security, you can protect your neighborhood around the clock. Call United Private Security today for all of your security concerns.

Security Services Offered For Your Neighborhood:

  • Armed or Unarmed Security.
  • Gate Security and Access.
  • Patrols by Car, Golf Cart, Electric bicycle and Foot.
  • Security Camera Surveillance.
  • Alarm Response.

Protecting an entire neighborhood or community can be a lot to take on, and not all security companies are up to the task. However, with United Private Security in Southern California, you’ll get one that is. With more than 20 years of experience in the security industry, the services at United Private Security are run by guards who have experience in virtually every type of security.

With our years of experience in personal and commercial security, we’ve developed the tools to protect those under our care from near and far. We can provide as much of a security presence in the neighborhood as you wish, strictly controlling the perimeter and entrances of your neighborhood or we can provide foot and car patrol for the entire neighborhood. No matter what you want our normal presence to be, we can be there in a hurry with emergency response services, should one of the homes in your neighborhood become threatened.

Our services are wide-ranging and as fully encompassing as you wish them to be. As far as neighborhood security goes, we’re the best company for homeowners associations because we can handle situations that other less experienced companies could not. Some of the services we can provide include:

Apartments to Mansions — Whether your community is made up of cooks and cleaners or politicians and movie stars, we can provide residential security for anything from modest apartments to neighborhoods of mega-mansions.

Surveillance — We can provide 24-hour security for your neighborhood with regular foot, Bicycle, Golf cart and car patrols, perimeter security, gate entrance ID checks, security camera monitoring, alarm monitoring and more.

Response — What truly sets us apart from other neighborhood security companies, aside from our experience, is that we’re more prepared to respond in the event of a real emergency. With armed or unarmed security services, we can provide an immediate response to home alarms in the neighborhood, to help make sure the homeowner is safe before emergency responders arrive. If there is someone in your neighborhood or community who has reason to feel particularly threatened, then we can provide extra home security services to fit their threat level.

If you’re looking to protect your community, and you know that your citizens expect and deserve the best, we can provide you with the protection you and your community needs. We have experience with both high and low profile security and various threat levels, so there’s nothing we can’t handle.

Protect Your Community With United Private Security

If you’re managing a homeowner’s association and looking for a company that can meet all your security needs and then some, then choose United Private Security out of Riverside. We provide home security services to Riverside County, Orange County and the surrounding area, including Los Angeles. Contact us today for more information about what we can do for you and your community.